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  • Increase your sales with a stunning shopping App for iOS & Android. 3 times higher conversion on mobile traffic
  • Trusted by beautiful brands, accessible to everyone
  • Improved User Experience 


“It was difficult to estimate in advance how many customers would download and use the app but now 20% of our customers are actively using it. That is a great result! We score a 4.8 in the app reviews. And in terms of in-app orders we’re also seeing great results; winning back the initial investment within a few weeks.” Joost Roth - founder Apotheek & Huid ( Pharmacy & Skin).


We enable easy, fast & excellent shopping! How? With a seamless working mobile experience integrated with your Lightspeed backend.


Today's customers have changed. They shop on-the-go using their mobile device. With desktop and a mobile/responsive site alone you risk losing customers to competitors who offer a better mobile shopping experience. Make sure you also adapt to these market developments and offer these customers the best shopping experience available on mobile. The smoother the customers' experience, the more likely they will come back to your brand.


Our apps don't cut corners when it comes to user experience. In fact, JMango360 apps have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 in both the Apple and Google Play store according to the end-users. Not bad, right?


Why should you consider an App?


  • 3 times higher conversion on mobile traffic
  • Consumers love Apps! App users are more loyal than mobile website users. They are twice as likely to return the next day, view twice as many products and they convert 3,1 times better than mobile website users.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Ecommerce websites show an average shopping cart abandonment rate of about 60%, and the shopping cart abandonment rate in Apps is only 20%.
  • Improved User Experience Users rate the user experience in m-commerce Apps much better than mobile websites. Customers appreciate your business better if you have a good App.



App Features:

One integration, two apps

With one integration our platform is able to create an app suitable for both iOS and Android devices (covering 98% of the global mobile devices). It allows continuous synchronisation of all products, prices, descriptions, pictures, stock levels, user management and even the shipping and payment methods setup.


Unlimited push notifications 

Reach your customers like never before by sending out (segmented) push notifications. Inform your customers about new products, a promotion or simply because they left some products in their shopping cart.


Unlimited products

No matter how many products you want to sell, your app is ready for it and can handle it. Your preferred payment & shipping methods. The integration not only syncs all your products, but also connects to your preferred payment & shipping methods.

Easy filters

User experience is everything. With our App your users can search and filter products any way they want, without any superfluous content.


Customisable design

Use our easy drag-and-drop tool to create a shopping app that matches your style. You can upload your own sliders, change the background colors and adjust the layout.



You can collect the perfect combination of products in one picture that can be clicked on, so customers can shop the perfect look.



All you want is better conversions and more sales, right? That’s why we’ve added the wishlist feature. When on the road, customers are not always in a ‘buying mood’. That’s where wishlists come in: by saving products to their wishlist, customers can order products easily from their wishlist when they’re ready to buy.



More and more web stores deliver customer service via WhatsApp. That’s why our apps now support the Whatsapp feature, too. By adding a ‘WhatsApp’ button to your app, you can allow customers to start a chat with your customer service. App version 2.46.0. is required.


Fast mobile checkout

Bring down your shopping cart abandonment rate with 60% by offering af fast and save mobile checkout.


Barcode Scanner
Search for a product using the in App Barcode scanner.

Updates & Upgrades included
4 times a year, we’ll update your app with new developed app-features, so your app always offers a best-in-class experience.

And many more…

Case Studies

Here you will find case studies of ecommerce shops that are successful with their own iOS and Android shopping app.



Pay-As-You-Grow. We offer predictable pricing that is unique to your growth stage based on a monthly fee.


Any questions about our platform?