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Next level ecommerce with advanced features you’ll only see in custom stores.


A must have for any store. With the Theme Addons app you’ll get access tot ons of features for your (supported) theme* which usually are only availble to high end custom stores. Now also for your store.


Key features

  • B2B features like bulk variants.
  • Built-in support for Google Analytics GA4.
  • Stockify app: notify your customers automatically when a product is back in stock again.
  • Advanced variant features like showing variants as blocks or as color swatches, and crossing out out-of-stock variants (yes, even matrix options).
  • Group seperate products as if they were variants. Great when you create seperate products for every color item for example.
  • Sell pre-configured bundles as a product.
  • Delivery timeframe countdown timer, like “Order within XX for same day shipping”.
  • Built-in sizechart feature, great for fashion stores.
  • Show automatically generated related products on product detail pages.
  • Dynamically change the displayed product price when customers change a custom field with an additional fee applied.
  • Show color swatches in product filters.
  • Show custom banner images in between the product blocks on category pages.
  • Show custom hand picked items on the cart page for more upsell features.
  • Embed products in your blog articles for even more SEO and copywriting benefit.
  • Configure countdown timers per product


How does it work?

Most features don’t require any configuration and work out of the box. Color swatches and category banner images can be configured through the app in just a few minutes.


Supported themes

Just like you we settle for nothing less than the best possible user experience possible. Therefore a seamless integration in your theme is required. At this time, that seamless integration has been done for the following themes:

Using a theme that isn’t supported yet? You can easily switch to theme Proxima in under 10 minutes. Win win, and piece of cake.


Roadmap for other themes

We hope to support these themes as well at a later time:

  • Nova
  • Invision
  • Ignite


About Dyvelopment

DyApps is part of Dyvelopment, the partner of choice for Lightspeed design other Lightspeed custom changes. Customizing your current design, a fully custom theme, specific custom changes or custom 3rd party connectors like supplier connectors? You name it, we'll fix it. And we already did for over more than 2000 merchants worldwide.



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