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  • Zopim chat increases your customer engagement by allowing them to chat with you. 
  • Zopim chat is ideal for improving your customer interaction
  • increase the time users spend in your webshop thereby increasing conversions

"Over 150,000 stores use Zopim chat across North America"

Why use the Zopim app?

Zopim is a chat tool for your webshop where you can chat in real time with your customers. This removes a barrier of communication, does not disturb your site, and has the potential to boost your conversion rate.

Would you also like to have a virtual sales representative in your webshop to manage more sales? Or do you want to provide a quick and personal service? In that case start now with Zopim

How does it work?

Zopim increases your customer engagement by allowing them to chat with you. Zopim is ideal for improving your customer interaction, increasing the time they spend in your webshop and increasing your conversion rate. Installation takes only a few seconds and you can adjust the chat-widget to your own style

Extra Information:  

  • Automatic installation of the chat module in your Lightspeed webshop.
  • Access to a user-friendly dashboard with saved chat history, message templates, visitor priority, Q&A and a smart responder. This app integrates Lightspeed data in the Zopim dashboard.
  • Choose to answer your visitors from your smartphone or dashboard.
  • During the chat automatic completion of customer information in the Zopim chat module. This provides easy entry for starting a chat conversation. 
  • Recent order history and current products in the shopping basket are shown in the Zopim dashboard (under ‘user info’). This way you can provide an even more personalized service and increase your conversion.
  • Mobile chat widget turn off (optional)
  • Know exactly who visited your site. Live monitoring of visitors while they show, get to know where they came from, page history, current URL, returning visitors, etc…
  • Adjust the chat-widget to your own style

How much does the Zopim app cost?

For the Zopim app you only pay $4.95 USD per month. We will provide a seamless and real-time integration of your Lightspeed webshop with your Zopim account.

External prices of Zopim (more information on the Zopim website):

  • LITE: free
  • BASIC: $11.20 USD
  • ADVANCED: $20.00 USD

Video Tutorials:

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