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  • For inspiration, check out the DreamTheme OutdoorMultimediaFurniture and Food
  • Responsive, action timer, Google Maps integration, SEO-optimized and quick search

Dream Theme. The new, refreshing theme of InStijl Media has been designed from the ground up with originality and ambiance in mind, and comes with many new and improved features. Tested for speed and SEO optimized. Check out the four different styles of the theme of your dreams, and create the web shop you always wish you had.

DreamTheme was made by [email protected]

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  • Fully responsive: InStijl Media Dream Theme is a fully responsive theme for your online store. This means that your store will be easily accessible, regardless of the device.
  • Action timer v3.0: Our renewed action timer will put your product in the spotlight, no matter the place.
  • Multifunctional navigation menu: The sidebar menu is easily transformed into the main menu.
  • Google Maps integration: DreamTheme is the first theme with fully supported Google Maps integration.
  • Live search: The well-designed live search displays the search results in a unique way.
  • Flexible home page: Create your own home page by switching rows on or off.
  • Sophisticated flexslider: Our sophisticated flexslider comes in three versions that can be customized to your wishes: Content, Kiyoh, and Thumbnails.
  • Adjustable icons: Adjust the icons of USPs according to your wishes. Comes with many pre-supplied icons.
  • Version blocks: Products with two or more versions will be given new, trendy version blocks.
  • Price updater: Your prices will be updated automatically when different versions or additional items are selected.
  • 404 Page: When visitors end up on a non-existing page, they will be forwarded to a custom 404 page that matches the theme’s design.





Additional Features

  • Infinity Scroll: The Infinity Scroll automatically loads the products when you scroll down, eliminating the need to navigate between pages.
  • Quick Search: Easily display results in the search bar with Quick Search.
  • Social Media: Link to different Social Media platforms in the footer
  • Sticky Menu: The menu remains on top of the display, regardless of the part of the page you are viewing.
  • USPs: The theme allows you to add a maximum of four USPs directly below the header. These are also displayed in the sidebar.
  • Banners: You can upload banners in different locations of your online store, for example to showcase a specific product or category.
  • Discount corners (sale, new, popular, sold out): Display corners next to products.
  • Alternative menu display: In case you have a lot of menu items, you can choose the alternative display to create more space for your menu.
  • Responsive: The theme is 100% responsive.
  • Retina: The theme allows you to display images clearly and crisply on Retina displays. This means, for example, that images on mobile phones with high-resolution displays will be scaled down without losing quality.


Click here to read the documentation.


Additional information

The customer is always the focus of our attention. Even though it is very easy for customers to customize the theme according to their wishes, we will initially provide free of charge customization support.


SEO optimized.

  • Excellent heading structure
  • Improved and optimized breadcrumbs
  • Thoroughly tested on W3C Validator
  • Rich snippets optimized
  • Google Pagespeed (69 mobile/85 desktop)
  • No console errors



Do you have questions or comments? Please contact us to discuss your possibilities. We will gladly assist you. Mail to [email protected] or call us at +31(0)88 023 33 55.




Implement breadcrumbs

Add sliders + texts/text pages with promotions

When full title is activated, display on two rows maximum.

Disable right click.

Develop 404 page.

Include option to display large long banner below categories in the bottom footer.

Prominently display store levels on product page.

Add video option to product page.

Include pixel banners / sliders in documentation.

Logos by preset.

Display PostNL and certification next to payment options.