A point of sale system that shaves hours off your workday.

Lightspeed’s cloud-based POS software does more than just let you take payments. It simplifies every aspect of retail operations, letting you manage inventory, analyze sales and trends, build customer profiles, and even open an online store — all with one point of sale system.

9 ways our POS will make your life easier

1. Works wherever you do

Lightspeed Retail is cloud-based, so it works anywhere with an internet connection. All your data is backed up safely, and you can use it anywhere you want, from any device.

2. Sell any kind of item

With support for serial numbers, sizes and colors, and bundled SKUs, and even services, Lightspeed’s POS system is prepared for whatever you want to sell.

3. Take any kind of payment

Cash, credit, and debit payments are obvious. But Lightspeed also handles layaways, special orders, store credits, custom gift cards, and even Apple Pay.

4. Truly mobile checkout

From the sales floor to the sidewalk, pop-up shops and trade shows, you can accept payments anywhere. Just swipe and sign.

5. Built-in reporting

Save each customer’s purchase history, contact information, and even custom notes. Connect with them about what they love.

6. Remember your customers

Save each customer’s purchase history, contact information, and even custom notes. Connect with them about what they love.

7. Works with retail hardware

Be it a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, or something else entirely, Lightspeed supports the most popular models.

8. Smarter selling on iPad

You can use Lightspeed on any device you want. If that happens to be an iPad, our dedicated POS app is designed to help your team sell even more.

9. Ready to sell online

Lightspeed’s integrated Web Store is designed specifically for brick-and-mortar retailers, and is easy to set up since it uses your existing inventory information.

“As a small business owner, I work for myself. And Lightspeed works for me.”

Joe Lawler, Bicycle Roots
Brooklyn, NY
Lightspeed Retail Customer

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