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Channable in a nutshell


  • All-in-one Tool: One tool for feed, and marketplace management, order synchronizationanalytics integration, and Text Ads generation.
  • Easy-to-Use Design: The fast, user-friendly interface is designed to be as simple as possible. Automatically connect to Google Shopping, Amazon & 1000+ other channels worldwide.
  • Proactive, multilingual technical support: A (free!) multilingual support team at your disposal via phone and email. As well as a help center with walkthroughs and tips.
 "Increase your traffic and sales with the Channable tool"


Why Channable

Channable simplifies using online marketing channels. Say goodbye to wasting time trying to comply with channels feed requirements, modifying your categories, having multiple plugins and tools for different channels, overspending on ads with low quality scores and many more nuances.

With the Channable tool, you can create correctly formatted feeds for comparison sites and affiliates, the perfect product listing ads, and high-quality text ads. Generate more traffic to your online shop, connect to various online marketplaces and receive order information all from one place.

Channable’s advanced rules further assist you to precisely control the flow of products to each channel, optimize listings and enrich content. Maximizing the impact of your campaign, whilst minimizing the cost.


What you have to gain?

  • Save time; no more manual work
  • More quality traffic to your site
  • Generate more sales
  • Improved ad quality score


Be visible across the globe and sell to markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and many more.

Integrates with: Google Shopping, Google Ads (AdWords), Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Amazon, eBay, idealo,, FNAC, CDiscount, Beslist, Marktplaats, Spartoo,, VidaXL, Cool Shop, Awin, AdRoll, PriceGrabber, Pricerunner, Fashionchick, Tradetracker, Tradedoubler, Rakuten, Webgains, DoubleClick, Spartoo, Criteo, Prisjakt and over a thousand more.


How does it work?


Getting started

  1. Download the app!
  2. Create a Channable account
  3. Take a look at our portfolio of channels and choose which one you want to connect to
  4. Use business rules and categorization to get your product information into shipshape
  5. Identify which information you need to send in the Finalize/Build phase
  6. Choose a subscription! Our pricing plans start from $49 a month. All plans can be found on our website. The plans differ on the number of items imported into Channable, the number of projects, and the number of channels you want to use
  7. Let your products out into the wider web!


Have questions?

The Channable team will be in touch to discuss your plans and intentions but if you can’t wait you can always reach out via email or phone.

Alternatively, you can find many answers in the Channable help center and in Channable’s webinars.