Combi Product

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  • Combine products in one package.
  • Once the main product is ordered, the inventory of all sub products is updated.



Why Combi product


Imagine, you sell different products that consist of multiple sub-products that form one bundle. Because you and your customers do not want to miss any parts and end up in a hassle of returning, updating stocks and dissatisfaction, we have developed Combi Product


How does Combi work?

With the Combi Product App you show multiple products as one product. You link multiple sub products to a main product. As soon as a visitor orders the main product in your webshop, the stock of your main product and all sub-products will be updated. Only the main product will be visible in the shopping cart and on the order confirmation.



Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by e-mail)

Step 2: Add a main product.

Step 3: Link one or more products to your main product.

Step 4: Save your configuration. Combi Product takes care of the rest.


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