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  • Showcase pictures, articles, videos, and more in a Pinterest-style gallery
  • Resize the gallery to best suit your page
  • Perfect for product pages and portfolios

  • "POWR Gallery:  Successfully added to over 100,000 sites"

    Why choose POWR Gallery?

    POWR Gallery is a simple and attractive way to add a block-style display of images, videos, and articles. Show off all of your work in one place. Use built-in share links for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to easily share your gallery on social media.

    How does it work?

    Follow the install instructions to add POWR Gallery to any page or product in your store. Then edit your gallery through, or right on your live storefront. Just click the Setting Icon to open the POWR Editor, where you can control any aspect of your gallery. No need to worry about HTML or CSS. And no toggling back and forth from an editor page. See what your store will looks like right as you edit it!


    Top features:

    • Upload photos to create a product grid gallery or lookbook, press galleries, a gallery for your team, or a user testimonial gallery.
    • Choose from several automatic image cropping styles and layouts so you don't have to manually crop/arrange individual images.
    • Arrange photos in a grid, collage or use the slider or slideshow layout.
    • Add titles and caption text.
    • Use call-to-action buttons to direct users to another page.
    • Add alt text to each photo to optimize images for SEO.
    • Enable a lightbox popup slider to let customers take a closer look at your photos.
    • Add a ‘like’ button so visitors can like your images.
    • Text search to let users filter your gallery entries (photos) by keywords in the captions.
    • Highly customizable design: adjust spacing between gallery entries, choose ideal photo size, add borders, pick custom fonts for captions, and more.
    • Supports text in any language.
    • Mobile responsive on any device.
    • Get instant access to 50+ POWR apps, such as Social Feed for fresh content on your site and Popup for stellar landing page conversion to complement Media Gallery.

    About POWR

POWR is the world’s leading plugin library. Choose from over 50 intuitive tools, like forms, galleries, and social feeds.

    Extra information

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