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  • Find the top 10 best keywords and optimise SEO for your webshop page based on that keyword
  • KeywordMate automatically analyses search results per keyword and tells you if your webshop can reach the top ten using a specific keyword
  • Generate more revenue through more traffic from search engines




“Save thousands annually by doing your SEO yourself with KeywordMate!”



Why KeywordMate?

A lot of webshops are not profitable because of their lack of findability in search engines like Google. A website or webshop is initially not very findable in search engines. Often there is a lack of findability because the business owner does not have enough technical knowledge of SEO; Or they have a lack of marketing budget to hire an external marketing agency who will do your keyword research and optimise your webshop.


More traffic in your webshop starts with a top 10 position in Google. But you cannot rank in the top 10 with any given keyword. A lot of the time the choice for a keyword is a “blatant guess”, hoping that your webshop will magically appear in the top 10. Choice of the “wrong” keywords results in lost time and energy.


With KeywordMate you avoid the need to invest thousands into a marketing budget. This SEO keywordtool is written for webshops, to help business owners without any technical knowledge of SEO to easily and quickly find relevant “top 10” keywords. KeywordMate is the most extensive SEO keywordtool on the market, and very easy to use. KeywordMate is developed in The Netherlands in cooperation with the University of Twente.  


The majority of all webshops can easily double their revenue through improving their ‘organic’ results in search engines.


How does KeywordMate work?

For your webshop there are about 500 to 1000 relevant keywords. KeywordMate does all your keyword research automatically. It shows the probability that a keyword will or will not make it to the top 10, based on the ‘onpage SEO optimisation’. KeywordMate does this very quickly for many keywords simultaneously. When advised ‘no’ this means that on short term you will not be able to achieve a top 10 position for that keyword and you will have to invest in linkbuilding. When advised ‘yes’ this means that you make a SEO page (landing page or blog) within your CMS, or an existing product- or category page, which will be SEO optimised on that specific keyword. Next you can follow your rise in keyword positions via a rankingscanner.


Extra advantages of KeywordMate:

  • No external marketing agency needed for SEO. Easily find the right keywords quickly.

  • By increasing your organic findability (only 20% looks at advertisements), you will be less dependent on advertising on search engines.

  • More turnover because of an increase in traffic through search engines.

  • Stronger SEO positions which will help your business in the long term.

  • KeywordMate finds more keyword suggestions than the Google Keywordplanner.

  • Bases on the relevent keywords you can also start writing successful blogs.

  • SEO is still the most important form of marketing in 2016.


About us as partner

KeywordMate is situated on the Business & Science park of the University of Twente (NL). Together with the University of Twente we have created a self-learning algorithm that automates the time consuming SEO keyword searches and gives you more credibility to the top 10 advice (yes/no). KeywordMate was launched at the beginning of 2016 and already has approximately 2000 happy customers world wide.



Monthly base cost contains the following:

  • Incl. 50 x top10 calculations (in the first month)

  • Incl. Rankingscanner

  • Keyword finding suggestions. Unlimited


Extra costs for top 10 Calculations exist for

  • 100 keywords 

  • 250 keywords

  • 500 keywords 


Extra top 10 calculations can be purchased at any given moment and are not expiratory, as long as the subscription is held. The subscription with KeywordMate can be terminated monthly.


*Linkbuilding is not completely necessary if you find the right keywords in a pool of many hundred relevant words which link which your target audience.



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