Powersale - Scheduled Discounts & Daily Deals

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  • Create a sale for multiple products at a time 
  • Set a date and/or time for your products to go into or out of the sale, without breaking a sweat 
  • Place multiple products into your sale at the same time, so your customer can start shopping without any delays!



               "Let the SALE begin! Place multiple products in your sale in an instant."

Why Powersale?

It is sale time! Seasonsale, bargainsale, bulkoffer, offer of the day/week/month, it doesn’t matter: more discount is better (according to your customers)! With powersale you’ll prepare your products for the sale, so your products will be discounted all at the same time. You can even plan ahead for the next sale. Easy, clear and efficient. Let the sale begin!


How does it work?

With the powesale, you can plan your sale ahead of time. Choose your product, the discount, the date and time of the sale and the powersale app will do the rest. Do you want the sale to be available for a limited period? Just add an end date and time, and the powersale app will restore the ‘normal’ price in SEOshop at the set time.

  • Press “Add” to set a saleschedule for a category, brand or product (-variant)
  • Set the new price or percentage
  • Choose when the sale is supposed to start and/or end About us


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